Contour Drawings, pt 1

I did a few quick contour drawings today.   Contour drawings are not supposed to be done quickly.  Slowing down is a new thing for me, so I will continue to do contour drawings and slow them down,  bit by bit.

We had a bunch of bananas hanging on a banana hanger-thingy, so I used those as my object.  I used MAM’s trick of punching a hole in a piece of paper, sticking my pen in the hole so the paper covered my hand while I drew the blind contour studies.

I did two modified contour studies, looking at my paper only to make the lines meet.

This is the result of a short amount of time and a quick study in the contours of a bunch of bananas.



Palettes, pt 1

Today I was able to sit down and start working on my adventure in Sketchbookery.  I cleared a space on our little tile-topped table next to the large window that looks out onto the back yard.  Since doing a total makeover of the backyard, I enjoy sitting at the table in the mornings and watching the life that has come into our space!

I have two palettes:  one has 8 basic colors and was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for less than $3 and the other is a Hobby Lobby brand “Master’s Touch” basic set with 22 colors.

I made a palette card for each set and then decided to use the smaller set for my mixing and exploration of colors.

Here are my results: